Here are some of our favorite resources (no sponsorships or affiliations):


The fashion industry is one of the world's biggest polluters.  Here are some of your better options:

Able - Ethical fashion made by women across the globe.

Amour Vert - Sustainable fashion using new fabrics that don't pollute and have the lowest possible environmental impact.  97% of their clothing is made near their office in San Francisco so they visit the factories to ensure good working conditions.

Azura Bay - Carries a variety of brands of ethically-made, eco-friendly underwear, lingerie, swimsuits and loungewear.

Good on You app - Allows you to look up specific brands to learn more about their impact on people, the earth, and animals.

Kotn - Good-quality and affordable clothes with ethical manufacturing practices, and a donation to schools.

People Tree - U.K.-based sustainable and fair trade clothing.

Reformation - On-trend women's clothing with detailed transparency about their fabrics' social and environmental impact.

Style Saint - L.A.-based, ethically-made clothing using sustainable fabrics.

THREDUP - Curated, secondhand clothing for women and kids.  You can sell your (selected) clothes through THREDUP, too.


Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch - Great resource for helping people make smarter seafood choices and keeping our oceans healthy.  Their Seafood Watch app helps identify local businesses that consider the environmental impacts of fishing and farming in what they serve and sell.

Real Food Encyclopedia - Learn how sustainable different groups of food are, and what to be aware of/look for when shopping for it.

Seasonal Food Guide - National database of seasonal food so you know what is in season in each of the 50 states.  They have a free app, too!

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