I'm Bliss, founder of Eco is Sexy.  In 2018 I read a study that concluded that environmentally-conscious people are considered better potential long-term relationship partners.  I believe that caring about the environment is an attractive quality in everyone: friends, family... not just in potential partners.  Being eco is sexy - and it is the mission of Eco is Sexy to spread the word.

As I looked around, I couldn't find a U.S.-based single source of well-researched, great eco products that would help make leading a green, more sustainable lifestyle easy.  I wanted to create products for busy millennials who want to save the earth - practical, affordable products - with a little bit of glamour!

The first #ecoissexy product range included three different types of reusable straws, and a reusable cotton carrying bag. Soon I began curating a collection of my favorite eco products - reaching out to manufacturers across the globe and U.S. artisans and asking them if they would be interested in offering their products on Eco is Sexy.  The response was tremendous!  Eco is Sexy now sells a wide range of eco-friendly products to support your everyday zero-waste needs.  In addition, we give 2% of all website sales to charity.

I believe that it's on all of us to make the decision to stop using single-use plastic, and to spread that message on whenever we can. Whether it's showing friends the way, or making waitstaff think for a moment about whether they should even be offering plastic straws at their restaurant in the first place, we all need to set the example and get others on board - by our actions, not just our words.  You’re helping the environment, after all, and that’s something we should all take pride in!

Many people making good eco-choices every day is better than a few people doing it perfectly.  Let us support you as you live your best green life.

Thanks for being part the movement.  Have questions or suggestions?  Drop us a line at hello@ecoissexy.com.  You can also catch me in person at one of our pop-up eco shops at the markets near my home in Boulder, Colorado.  Stay green, stay sexy, and stay in touch!


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