Yoga Mat Cleaner Organic
This handy 2 oz. bottle will refresh and condition that yoga mat after it has seen its fair share of use. Made with all-natural and organic ingredients, this cleaner requires no scrubbing or washing - just spray and go! Made...
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Natural Glass Cleaner
This all-natural glass cleaner is perfect for clean and streak-free windows and mirrors! This glass cleaner smells like limes which nicely complements to our all-purpose cleaner. We use a base of our handmade castille soap and organic lime essential oil...
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All-Natural Dishwasher Soap
Want sparkling clean dishes without all the chemicals? This is the one for you! Each order contact one 1lb. bag of handcrafted dishwasher soap. For a standard dishwasher run you will only need about 1 tbs. To get dishes extra...
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Natural All-Purpose Organic Cleaner
This effective and gentle all-purpose cleaner is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, living areas and whatever else you clean. Naturally disinfecting with an uplifting lemongrass scent, this cleaner might even make you excited to clean! Works well at getting off tough...
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