Organic Vegan Stain Stick
Say goodbye to stain sticks with harmful detergent chemicals. No artificial dyes or perfumes!  Simply wet stained area, rub on stain stick and let sit for at least an hour. Throw in the wash and viola! Save money and say...
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Organic Lavender Dryer Sachets for Laundry
These pleasantly-fragrant dryer sachets are made of pure organic lavender stored in an unbleached muslin bag. Use these in place of dryer sheets for fluffy, wonderful-smelling laundry. Traditional dryer sheets often contain synthetic fragrances. These "fragrances" can cause allergic reactions...
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Natural Laundry Detergent
Looking for a better way to wash your clothes that's gentle on your laundry, the planet and your body? This may be the soap for you! We combine our handcrafted laundry bar soap with all-natural ingredients to create a powdered...
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