• The Mindful Mom Blographer

    The Mindful Mom Blographer
    Minnesota millennial and popular blogger Laura Durenberger has anxiety. A few years ago, she discovered a key way to manage her anxiety was through reducing: mindful and intentional living, minimalism, and zero-waste living.
  • Cultivating Vermont's Locavore Movement

    Cultivating Vermont's Locavore Movement
    Half Pint Farm is well known and loved in the Burlington, Vermont food scene.  It was started in 2003 by Mara Welton and her husband, Spencer.  By the time they sold the 2.5-acre farm last year, they were growing about 400 vegetable varieties, including 85 varieties of tomatoes, and selling their produce to 30 restaurants including Hen of the Wood. Mara talks to Eco...
  • Please meet Elizabeth May

    Please meet Elizabeth May
    Please meet Elizabeth May. Elizabeth is a former environmental professor, helped get Fair Trade recognition in Wales, and is married to a former climate change skeptic.  Read on as Elizabeth opens up about getting her husband to adopt a more "green" lifestyle, how you can encourage a partner if you're in a similar situation, how she reduces her personal environmental impact, measuring your carbon...
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